Team Parents

Thank you for volunteering to be a Team Parent!


  1. Take photos at practices & games and upload them to TeamSnap
  2. Post to social media using #gostsfalcons
  3. Provide or coordinate the provision of snacks for longer trips

Falcon Commitment Contract (Grades 5-8)

When you registered your MS student for STS Athletics, you both committed to the following:

By choosing to join a sports team, your child is making a commitment to their teammates, their coach, and to St. Thomas School. Everyone is counting on them to be responsible and a good team player! As a member of St. Thomas School, he/she is expected to uphold the School’s core virtues and to serve as a role model for others. As an athlete, they have the option to give a sport a test trial for one week after the first practice. After the first week of practice, your child is expected to fulfill the commitment they have made.

Please note the following specific expectations:

  • Attendance at all practices is required unless the student is sick or has a pre-arranged appointment. The Coach or the Director of Athletics MUST be notified if the athlete cannot make practice for any reason. The Coach or Director of Athletics will decide if the athlete is excused from practice.
  • Any absence from practice without notifying the Coach or the Director of Athletics will result in playing time being reduced in the next contest/game. The amount of reduced playing time is at the discretion of the Coach and may include no playing time at all.
  • Promptness to all practices is essential.
  • Responsible behavior and good sportsmanship must be demonstrated at all times.
  • Athletes MUST attend school the day of a contest/game. The only exception would be if the student has a pre-arranged absence for some type of medical appointment or family matter.
  • If the athlete is playing on a team that practices outside, remember that rainy days are considered to be practice days.
  • It is important that to start the season in the best possible physical shape.
  • Athletes will have one week to decide if they want to continue on a team. After the first week, athletes may not quit the team. If they do, participation in other School sports may be in jeopardy.
  • The use of any prohibited or illegal substance, including without limitation alcohol or tobacco, or profanity is strictly prohibited, and may result in expulsion from the team.
  • An athlete is expected to maintain a successful academic record. Middle School students receiving an NI or U for a subject across a trimester may be withdrawn from teams.

Your electronic signature on this form confirms the following:

I have read, reviewed with my student, and agree to the requirements expected. My child understands that they are making a commitment to their teammates and Coach. The athlete understands that they must demonstrate a positive attitude and encourage their teammates. They will uphold the core virtues of St. Thomas School, and I, as their parent, will support and encourage my student in upholding this commitment.